Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer Book Club

JJ and I saw a flyer for a summer book club for 4th and 5th graders at the library this summer. Soooo exciting! He's digging into "No Talking" by Andrew Clements tonight - for a June 16 book club. The rest of the summer includes City of Ember, Gone-Away Lake, Chasing Vermeer and one other. Good to see the book club thing has passed on to the next generation!

Gold Iris

Here are my gold irises. Not sure you can see this well, but I'll post it anyway.

Grass that looks dead in this picture is a gorgeous miscanthus that has tall, wispy plumes starting in about August and last all winter....

For more plant pics, see the Hobbled Runner. That darn Blackberry camera makes it so easy to take and post pictures. Warning -- you'll have to scroll down past all the dog updates to find plant pictures!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My first picture!

I decided I couldn't be the only one who didn't know how to upload a picture into our blog text.
This just popped open the other day. It's my maroon-ish bearded iris, which oddly enough, is right next to a yellow one (yet to open), making Gopher colors for S!! I just wish the blooms lasted longer, I always enjoy them so much.
The peonies won't be much longer. The buds are looking rather full and there are ants marching all over them.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bulbs are blooming and too many plants!

OK, they've been blooming for a couple of weeks, but I just got this picture, thanks to the Hobbled Runner. Cute little miniature grape hyacinth surrounds by tulips and daffodils, which you can't see.

Spent the weekend volunteering at the Friends School Plant Sale. I cashiered for 4.5 hours. I no longer have the stamina for that! More fun was doing inventory after the sale closed. I spent almost 9 hours over three days counting plants... every thing from Indian grass, various monardas and astilbe, to swamp milkweed and more. I learned a ton! I didn't really need any more plants for my yard, as Hobbled Runner would attest to, but geez, you can't work around them for that long and not find something new to try! So, now I have about 13 flats of plants waiting.... ugh. What am I going to do??? I'll post pictures!